DoubleClick Launches Online Marketplace

As reported in iMedia Connection on April 4th, “Buyers and sellers of online display advertising will have a new forum for making deals; at least that is the premise behind DoubleClick’s  latest proprietary product, DoubleClick Advertising Exchange.”

A mediated exchanged between buyers and sellers for the exchange of advertising inventory is not a new concept.  Right Media is the best example of a well-executed version of this concept.  I commented on Right Media several weeks back in Disintermediating Ad Exchanges, Publisher Ad Auctions.  The argument back then was that in an ad exchange environment like a Right Media, where buyer and seller are brought together anonymously under an auction based environment, there is no relationship developed or fostered in the buy process.  My proposal hypothetical question in that article was, what if you could eliminate the middle-man of the exchange and put buyer and seller together.

That article generated a response from Right Media.  Bennett Zucker contacted me for a little education conversation.  Subsequently, I wrote a follow-up comment acknowledging the value proposition of Right Media.

Some of the things that I learned my research into RM and other exchange models is that publishers are migrating away from the traditional networks because they are getting better rates through the exchanges.  Inside sources have shared with me that, Tribal, Burst and other popular networks have all seen a measured decrease in publisher inventory while that same inventory has reportedly shown up on RM.

So now DoubleClick is going to enter the exchange game.  Think back a while and recall that DC was one of the original networks.  Of course I don’t believe there is a single person remaining at DC who was involved in that operation, but the heritage is there – and maybe some of the legacy technology.  Regardless, they’ve built the exchange technology.  They have the publishers with DFP and they have the advertisers with DFA.  Put them together and link the two systems and you have a broad network of exchange.  Get out of the way and you potentially have a model that will rival Google’s cake-and-eat-it-too mode of AdSense and Adwords.

DC has some challenges ahead of them.  I don’t know the nuances of how well they are going to tie together DFP and DFA, but as hosted solutions they can upgrade and link the two and the users will see the collaborative efforts.  If publishers start pushing inventory into the system and advertisers start looking into the system to buy, you have a strong value proposition for both sides of the transaction.  Under this model, neither buyer nor seller needs to go to a different system like a Right Media to transact. 

Under the DoubleClick exchange, it is largely publisher inventory that is at stake, whereas with Right Media is mostly network inventory.  So will advertisers who use DART start to look at the exchange for publisher inventory – or will publishers first begin to test the DC exchange in addition to “offshoring” inventory to networks and auctions?  Time will tell and the testing model of DC will be a good approach so the top-success-oriented players demonstrate the desired results.  But this is one to watch closely as it could be game-changing.

Reactionary with Insight

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Moving Beyond Event-Based Targeting

Today I published an article iMediaConnection, Moving Beyond Event-Based Targeting.  The assignment was to ‘go deep’ with behavioral targeting, something that is uncommon on iMediaConnection.

It is not that IMC doesn’t cover BT well, because it does publish at a fairly decent frequency (maybe once or twice every 2 weeks).  It’s just that it speaks to the lower-common denominator with respect to the topic.  Behavioral targeting is a hot topic and yet most of the articles that you read in IMC, MediaPost and ClickZ – among other industry trades – are about network targeting.  My blog borders on enraged reactions to the misnomer that network targeting is not really targeting deep behaviors at all.
So I convinced the folks at IMC to let me put out an article that redefined BT into classifications – event-based behavioral targeting and explained network, ad server, site-side and search in these terms.  I ‘went deep’ by introducing the concept that these capabilities are all very relevant but that they need to be tied together. 
I have another article that I am trying to get IMC to publish for me that goes into much greater detail.  I don’t know if they’ll run it – and if they don’t I will post it here.  But I will let you know if it is coming out.  My position is that once we can all begin to recognize that there are levels to BT, there are techniques to each level and there are available technologies that tie them together; then we won’t be so focused on just one kind of BT or one set of results.  Stay tuned.

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LookSmart Hires Ari Kaufman as Vice President of Publisher Services

LookSmart Hires Ari Kaufman as Vice President of Publisher Services, and Jonathan Ewert as East Coast Vice President of Advertising and Publisher Services

Critical Hires Complete the Company’s Executive Sales Team

SAN FRANCISCO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–LookSmart (NASDAQ: LOOK, ASX: LOK), an online advertising and technology company, is bringing two new Vice Presidents into its fold who are expected to help LookSmart grow and service its advertiser and publisher base. LookSmart has hired Ari Kaufman as Vice President of Publisher Services and Jonathan Ewert as the East Coast Vice President of Advertising and Publisher Services. They join Yolanda Loh, Vice President of Ad Sales, to complete the company’s executive sales management structure. All three will report into David B. Hills, LookSmart’s President and CEO.

“The addition of Jonathan and Ari complete the sales management layer at LookSmart, allowing us to further penetrate advertisers and publishers,” said David B. Hills, President and CEO of LookSmart. “We are thrilled to have such high caliber and experienced individuals in all of our critical sales executive positions. Now we’ll be able to provide our advertiser and publisher customers with even more opportunities and improved service.”

Ari Kaufman joins LookSmart after serving as Vice President of Sales for online ad serving company TruEffect, Inc. where he was responsible for the growth of the national sales organization. Prior to TruEffect, Kaufman was Vice President of Business Development at Integro eBusiness Consulting, where he was instrumental in the development of the company’s Microsoft partnership, collaborating business opportunities, sharing client leads and expanding service skills across the Microsoft platform. Kaufman’s career spans 10 years in the online advertising industry. Having launched one of the largest advertisement-supported financial web sites in 1996, Kaufman oversaw online advertising sales as Executive Vice President for

Jonathan Ewert, LookSmart’s new East Coast Vice President of Advertising and Publisher Services, also has an extensive background in the Internet marketing and advertising industry. Prior to joining LookSmart, he served as the Chief Executive Officer for ePals.

Prior to ePals, Ewert was Vice President, Business Development for E-Commerce Solutions LLC, a consumer e-commerce enterprise software and marketing services company. His extensive experience in the sales and marketing industry dates back to 1989. Since that time he has held key sales positions with such companies as Infoseek Corporation, Modem Media, an Internet Professional Services firm, and Landon Associates, Inc.

About LookSmart

LookSmart is an online advertising and technology company that provides relevant solutions for advertisers, publishers and consumers. LookSmart offers advertisers targeted, pay-per-click (PPC) search advertising and banners via its consumer Web properties and a monitored ad distribution network; a customizable set of private-label solutions for publishers, and vertical search sites and web tools for consumers. LookSmart is based in San Francisco, California. For more information, visit or call  415-348-7000 .

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