Ownership (OYS)

What you stand for as a leader, member of a team or as an individual is about ownership.

What is ownership?

Ownership is about owning your shit. Plainly speaking.

Ownership means holding yourself accountable for what you say and what you do, regardless of whether that thing is good or bad. Ownership is about honor and humility.

Ownership is about dependability and maturity. Your value to yourself and to others can be a testament to your ability to own your shit.

To me, ownership is the most important characteristic of every employee at a successful company. Continue reading

Today LocationInsight became Placeable

Unknown-2Demonstrating that advertisers can and will accomplish more with clean location data that’s accessible, accurate and usable, LocationInsight today unveiled its rebrand as Placeable. This new corporate identity is designed to convey the company’s commitment to making large advertisers “placeable” on search engines, maps, directories, local pages and in the real world. Placeable’s advertisers are far more competitive locally than other large advertisers, because they power their campaigns with accurate, comprehensive, and reliable information about their locations.  Continue reading

Time to Make Dirty Data Placeable


The December 2012 Cost of Bad Location Data Report from Yext shared that 43% of business listings are wrong and 14% are just plain missing. As a result, US businesses lose over $10B in sales every year. Each and every day, people look for places on Google Maps and are directed to the wrong location. This poor user experience translates into lost revenue for stores

Local search marketing for location-based advertisers drives people from online to the physical store, but the process of optimizing for local search is not simple. There are many key influencers that impact the performance of location-based brands in local search, especially when you consider web, mobile and social to all be part of the equation. Not only do consumers sit at a desk and conduct local searches, they do it on mobile devices. They do it within social networks like Facebook or on Foursquare. Local search is conducted directly on maps and through locators. IYP’s are a channel for local search as well. The value of these channels to a consumer may be directly attributed to the accuracy of the information provided to them. Continue reading

So you think that Google owes you something? Local SEO may not see what’s on the way…


Some operate under the assumption that Google, and all search engines for that matter, owe them something, namely traffic. The prevailing attitude is that it’s Google’s obligation to put the most relevant (or best optimized) content at the top of the result pages. These folks expect to have their information ranked, links posted and traffic sent to them.  In exchange, Google and other search engines get to peel off a portion of the traffic as ad-based clicks.

Talk about naïve. Continue reading