Google Dumps Yahoo – Finally

Google has finally recognized that this deal was never going to come true.  And the opportunity-line for Yahoo has been severed.  A Microsoft offer is not going to be at a premium, it’s going to be a lifeline.  Ultimately, two companies that have a proven history of being horrible at integrating acquisitions should not merge.  Yahoo and AOL coming together would represent the largest distraction in the industry, giving Google more time and opportunity to grow even faster and more furiously than before.  Over the next 6 months, Yahoo and AOL will lose more market share to Google while they figure things out.  What alternatives exist?  Would IAC and consider selling its ASL network to Microsoft?  What if Microsoft and Yahoo don’t do a deal ever?  What if Microsoft simply approaches Yahoo with the same deal that Google approached them with.  Just run Microsoft ads on Yahoo.  Now there’s an alliance only purgatory could create!
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