iMedia Resource Connection – Pay to Play

I was conducting some research on online advertising technology – which I do pretty frequently when writing this blog – and I went to iMedia as I also frequently do.  While looking at their Resource Connection list I began to wonder how does an Ad Network, Ad Server, Email Marketing Product and Service, Media Property, Rich Media, Search Engine Marketing provider or Web Analytic Tools provider get listed?  The probing began when I noticed some relevant players missing from each of these lists.  So I began to do some digging and here is what I found out…

All listing are PAID placements.  An annual listing costs $1,000.  A 6-month trial listing costs $600 and the companies are listed alphabetically.

So here I am, turning to one of the prominent industry resources as a place for doing research and I come to find that I would be just as well off reading the right-hand side of a Google search page!

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