How to Measure Video Performance – I inspire People

Bradley Werner took a chapter from my blog in his article How to Measure Video Performance today.  I guess he, like me, is trying to see where the light is with video.

The article highlights the basics of measurement.  Did we reach the right people?  Did we affect the audience the way we wanted to?  He asks the esoteric questions correctly but then only gives us the most basic concepts of impressions as clicks to define them.  Blah.  We need more power Scotty!

Bradly does talk about percentages of video views which is more interesting, but that is a whole lot like an impression.  The advanced measurement is the “…Interaction Rate. IR is the sum of all the interactions, divided by the number of impressions. These interactions include the click-thru’s, replays clicks, unmute clicks, clicks on all the add-on features (submit info, download, watch video 2), clicks within a game, rollovers, etc.”  This is the only meat we get from the article.

So my inspiration brought on a flounder.  I will keep looking for you, but for now the search goes on.  If video is to cross the chasm and bring us the next great thing, we need to see measurement capabilities that are a fusion of broadcast and display.  It has to be rich media to the nth degree.  Interactions plus playtimes plus the ability to place a marker on the user so that we can later recognize, distinguish them and target them in the future as with display advertising.  The golden nugget.  We’ll find it.  Java calls it a muffin.  I wonder if video will call it a scone?

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