TruTags, Universal Site Measurement Tags

Here is an afterthought.  In Tom Hespos’ article on Become an Ad-Serving Power User he described a painful dialogue between the MediaPlanner and the Webmaster regarding tagging a site.  During this hypothetical example he mentions:


“The major ad servers have a wonderfully simple solution to all this. Place their tags on critical pages of your client’s website and upload the network tags through your own ad server. The ad server then manages which tags should fire at the appropriate moment. This can save your agency a ton of time and effort during the trafficking process, shaving hours off your management time.”


I am not exactly sure what Tom is talking about in terms of the ad server’s tags.  Dynamic Logic has a “Universal Tag” that they have created which allows you to tag a site one time and then redirect pings to other tags but this is for the purpose of pulling in the Millard Brown surveys.  DoubleClick has partnered with DL and enables the redirect pings so that you can post the Universal Tag (supposedly although I can’t find anyone who has actually deployed it) and then the tag will fire off other tags when it is activated.


TruEffect has its patent-pending TruTags.  This is uniquely different in that they are tags that you put on an advertiser’s web page and you can use them to load other pixels through them so that when they fire, they will simultaneously fire other pixels.  And Advertiser or agency can load up as many other tracking tags as they may wish without ever having to retag the advertiser’s site.  It’s perfect for that Webmaster who bitches and moans every time you want to add or remove tags. 


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