10 Tips to Find the Perfect Ad Network, Andreas Roell Tells All

Andreas Roell wrote an article today in iMediaConnection, 10 Tips to Find the Perfect Ad Network.  All I have to say is that it is a great overview of how you should be evaluating your network advertising initiatives.


Andreas breaks down 10 points:


1.) Representation

2.) Compensation

3.) Ad unit offerings

4.) Targeting capabilities

5.) Transparency

6.) Optimization

7.) Cookies

8.) Content matching

9.) Re-targeting

10.) Reminders


This is a great article whether you have an established network buying practice in place or if you are looking to get started.  If you are new to this way of buying media, you will likely be left with a lot of questions, which is good.  At least you will have questions to ask.  If you already buy network advertising, then you will agree that Andreas is pointing out where your network partners need to be more transparent.  There are some hidden aspects to buying network advertising that can make it shady – but that is not speaking for all networks and, in fact, many of those practices are no longer common.  But digging in to make sure that you understand how your network acquires its inventory and getting reports on where your ads are running are great suggestions.  Checking up on the publishers that participate in your networks to see how they allocate their inventory to your networks is another great pointer.


Read the article and pay homage to Andreas contribution.

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