When to Blog and When to Publish

I am often asked by people, why are you not writing for one of the online trades.  I have a reputation for having strong convictions, having a lot to say and well, maybe even for being a little opinionated! 


I write a blog called Advertising Online, Reactionary with Insight.  So it is a reactionary piece right?  The purpose of this blog is to go out and find technologies that I think can be repurposed for other things.  It’s also intended to react to what other people are saying about technology. 


I’ve been in this industry a long time and I have watched it grow up.  I’ve walked the trade show floors and I’ve watch one company’s booth get larger over the years while another’s gotten smaller.  I’ve watched different people change the company logo on their shirt several times.  But overall not a whole lot has changed, at least not in the last 5 years.  As the header says, the technology is pretty much the same, just more pervasive.


For me, I have been looking for where changes can be made.  I have been looking for the tipping points that are coming.  I have been looking for ways in which common technologies can be re-applied differently to introduce new ways of doing things, to make advertising online more advantageous for advertisers and for publishers as well.


Along the way I have stepped on a few toes – ouch – and I have been referred to as the “Mad Man in the Mountains” (my wife agreed with that one).  But I have also received a lot of positive feedback and developed some solid relationships with people who seem to agree that we need to step up and make some changes.


So why don’t I write a regular column in iMediaConnection or one of the trades that I personally follow and comment on so regularly?  It’s because I believe that the line between personal promotion of product and service, and the provision of genuine advice is so very fine that it’s terribly difficult for people to stay on one side or the other.  I am guilty of it too.


On my blog I trip up all the time, I find myself promoting my company’s products or using them as an example of something I am talking about, but it is a blog.  When I read an article in a trade and it becomes clear that it is a promotional piece by an author who is touting what their company does, it’s a turnoff.  There needs to be decision-switch for: “when do I blog and when do I publish.”  MediaPost has great blogs and iMediaConnect for example is great for publishing articles.  So I think people need to be more appropriate about where their writings end up.  Maybe I should be publishing in both places too.  But for now I stay where I am. 


You tell me.  If you think I should be publishing topics on a trade web site, I will take them and put them out there.  The traffic on this blog is pretty good and the feedback is pretty consistent.  So I keep going.  I also enjoy it.  But there are topics on here that I can keep trucking along with and take them to the street and share with the masses as well.  If you’ve read something on here that you believe would be well received, I will run it by some of the online editors and see if they want to publish it.  Let me know your thoughts.

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