Why do I link to John Chow dot com?

Why do I link to John Chow dot com?

There are many blogs that I follow.   Tom Hespos, Brad Berens and John Chow dot com just to name a few.  John Chow dot Com is a blog that helps you make money online.  But that is the least of all reasons of which why I link to it. 

John’s blog covers a million different topics pertaining to technology, and he is a full-time blogger.  It would seem that he makes his living running his blog at this point and he is prolific in sharing with people how he does it.  But he also gets access to a lot of beta tools and information that would not otherwise be out on the so quickly. 

One of the first breaking pieces that he wrote which caught my attention was his piece on Google offering display and video ads to AdSense publishers on a CPC and CPM format basis.  I covered it in my post: Banner Ads on Google (

I frequent John’s site as he introduces a lot of new blogs where I find great new tidbits pertaining to the industry.  Search, advertising online, technology and junky stuff that floats my boat.  I also get into some great dialogue with people about John’s site which is fun too.  If you’re looking for a site that is off-color a bit but where you will also find good dirt on Google, Microsoft and blogging, checkout www.JohnChow.com.

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