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Moving Beyond Event-Based Targeting

Today I published an article iMediaConnection, Moving Beyond Event-Based Targeting.  The assignment was to ‘go deep’ with behavioral targeting, something that is uncommon on iMediaConnection.

It is not that IMC doesn’t cover BT well, because it does publish at a fairly decent frequency (maybe once or twice every 2 weeks).  It’s just that it speaks to the lower-common denominator with respect to the topic.  Behavioral targeting is a hot topic and yet most of the articles that you read in IMC, MediaPost and ClickZ – among other industry trades – are about network targeting.  My blog borders on enraged reactions to the misnomer that network targeting is not really targeting deep behaviors at all.
So I convinced the folks at IMC to let me put out an article that redefined BT into classifications – event-based behavioral targeting and explained network, ad server, site-side and search in these terms.  I ‘went deep’ by introducing the concept that these capabilities are all very relevant but that they need to be tied together. 
I have another article that I am trying to get IMC to publish for me that goes into much greater detail.  I don’t know if they’ll run it – and if they don’t I will post it here.  But I will let you know if it is coming out.  My position is that once we can all begin to recognize that there are levels to BT, there are techniques to each level and there are available technologies that tie them together; then we won’t be so focused on just one kind of BT or one set of results.  Stay tuned.

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