Directory Listings Anyone?


While reading the ClickZ article: Yahoo Launches Listing Management Tool for Small Business, I couldn’t help but chuckle at the fact that the article, which is about Yahoo’s new Localworks program, was on a page that was displaying a banner for Neustar (Localeze) while Localworks is powered by Yext.

This trifecta is a perfect representation of what has happened in local search over the last twelve months.  Directories anyone?

The C-Suite has handed down a mandate to their minions to satisfy two cocktail party topics – social reputation management and directory listings.  Marketers are flustered to satisfy these amorphous requests and vendors are happy to oblige.  I don’t think I have every seen more disparate technologies flock towards a single service at the same time faster than those that have flown in to start managing directory listings for advertisers.

Google has once again allowed directories to dominate page-one for both branded and non-branded terms relevant to their businesses.  So the urge to pump content to those directories and capture the consumer eyeballs from those directories is on.

Aggregators like Infogroup and Axciom will take your data.  The redistributors like Yext and Neustar (Localeze) will happily do it.  Even SEO shops, agencies, mobile marketers and, I guess search engines are in on it now too.  So why not hang a shingle on your front door and pump some listings too?  Its tourist season and the folks be buying distribution!

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