Today LocationInsight became Placeable

Unknown-2Demonstrating that advertisers can and will accomplish more with clean location data that’s accessible, accurate and usable, LocationInsight today unveiled its rebrand as Placeable. This new corporate identity is designed to convey the company’s commitment to making large advertisers “placeable” on search engines, maps, directories, local pages and in the real world. Placeable’s advertisers are far more competitive locally than other large advertisers, because they power their campaigns with accurate, comprehensive, and reliable information about their locations. 

LocationInsight was a locator platform before it became a company.  In 2009 I was introduced to InfoNow and the LocationInsight business as a potential buyer.  I worked with Sequel Ventures and the then-CEO to organize a leveraged buy-out of the business.  The goal was to take the locator technology and develop the local search marketing industry, leading with cost-per-click SEO.  Four years later, local search marketing is not only part of mainstream digital marketing, it is rapidly overshadowing many digital initiatives for large multi-location advertisers.  LocationInsight blazed that trail while emerging as an independent company.

Along with the rebrand, we have launched a commercial version of our location management and marketing platform by the same name, Placeable. This cloud-based platform already powers more than 2 million locations for some of the world’s most recognized brands – including Bank of America, Western Union, American Express and Nationwide Insurance.  Now Placeable will be available to all large advertisers and agencies managing many physical locations that look to compete more successfully on the local level.

Having the foresight into what the industry will do next and what it will need, is rare.  But to have a team of people recognize it, unify and rally around it, plan and quickly execute a market-ready solution to meet immediate market demand is truly unique.  In my 20 years of business I can hardly recall ever being part of such a radical initiative and seeing it pulled off so eloquently.

Today is a great day.

Today, we kicked off the next chapter of a company being built by great people.

Today, we launched our new product – Placeable.

Today, we make location data make sense.

Today, we make location data accessible, accurate and useable.

Today, we begin of our new mission – to clean up the dirty data on the web and power large advertisers to win locally.

Today, we help some of the biggest names in the world – like Google and Facebook –  become easier to work with for all large advertisers.

Today, we become essential to everyone in local digital marketing.

Today, we are Placeable.  Tomorrow you may be placeable, too.

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