Ownership (OYS)

What you stand for as a leader, member of a team or as an individual is about ownership.

What is ownership?

Ownership is about owning your shit. Plainly speaking.

Ownership means holding yourself accountable for what you say and what you do, regardless of whether that thing is good or bad. Ownership is about honor and humility.

Ownership is about dependability and maturity. Your value to yourself and to others can be a testament to your ability to own your shit.

To me, ownership is the most important characteristic of every employee at a successful company.

When I came to InfoNow, later LocationInsight and now Placeable, I made sure to instill ownership as the central core value at the company. Own Your Shit (OYS) – own it with pride and own it with humility is the mantra that we use.

If you do something great at Placeable, something you are proud of, you don’t wait for the accolades. You don’t wait to be recognized. At this company people stand up and say, “I did this!” They let everyone know that they are a go-to-person that can be relied upon in the future. People are the greatest asset at Placeable. Lifting each other up, increasing capabilities and expanding our skills is an investment in ourselves and our company. That, we celebrate.

If you screw-up at Placeable, then you own that too. Mistakes are met head-on. People stand-up and say,” I did this,” or “I need help”. Someone will also share in a meeting how they were helped by someone else as well as the things we can all learn from the experience. We highlight the growth.

At Placeable, we don’t make the same mistakes twice.

We grow.

I am so proud to be able to say that there are no egos at my company. No prima donnas. Placeable’s people own their shit and own it with pride and with humility. They are here to get a job done. They are here to make the company great. They are here to make a difference; to change the industry and make it better.

We are here because we collectively know that we have created something better than anything else out there. Something that is going to make large digital advertisers more successful at competing on the local level. We recognize a significant obstacle to that success and we have the solution. Now we bring that solution to market with proof that it works and proof that we are great at what we do. We have incredible customer service and incredible client references from some of the most recognized brands in the world. And because we own our shit, every day, people count on us.


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