Unlock the power of location data (part IV – sample case study)


In August of this year, LocationInsight rebranded as Placeable to strategically align the mission of the company with driving enterprise advertisers to become placeable. Following suit, we have released several case studies that demonstrate the results that enterprise advertisers have experienced after becoming placeable.

The third case study example is a global financial transaction company with an inadequate conversion rate of online to offline customers at the location. With more than a half-million locations, this was a significant problem. Their data was made placeable, smart locator mapping solutions were executed and more than 500,000 unique local landing pages were released into the ecosystem. Integrated targeted display advertising on unique location pages positioned offers and incentives that helped deliver customers to the stores. The result was a 160% increase in promotional landing pages visits.

Dirty location data inhibits the success of local marketing for enterprise advertisers.  Converting local information into Placeable data will create an accessible, accurate and usable company asset.  Placeable data is unlocked from IT’s control and empowers both advertisers and agencies.  It reclaims significant time and resource and promotes the success of many different digital media technologies that can use location data.

So get Placeable.

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