The Art of Selling – Stage 10: Closing

Hand-offs are everything

KNOW that now is the time to promoted and leveraged your teams who must DELIGHT the customer you’ve closed. Your company needs to leverage the relationship you cultivated. You’ve worked hard to build a lot of bridges, spend time replacing yourself at each level with your core competent experts. There will be the opportunity to up-sell and there will be business renewal opportunities. Both will be harder if you disappear and only return at sales time – so stay connected.

ACT. Get all of the paper work to the right people (Dot-i’s and cross–t’s). Ensure that promises made are captured and handed-off. Ensure that your knowledge is transferred to IMPLEMENTATION and ACCOUNT teams. Again, client satisfaction hinders on your company being able to deliver on your promises. Their expectations should be clearly understood by your company and teams.

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