The Art of Selling – Stage 9: Contracting

Ready for more negotiation? Here comes PROCUREMENT and LEGAL. These folks are trained in the art of negotiation. Especially Procurement. They seem to relish in the win itself.

KNOW that THIS IS WHEN MOST DEALS DIE. When you enter procurement, your Champion disappears. Usually they are not allowed to participate in the process, even if they’ve already been negotiating with you. Now the nature of the business relationship is not even in the room with you. If you spend too much time in the Procurement vortex, you customers lose interest and move on. Procurement/Legal do not regard the long-term relationships – they are simply negotiators.

THINK & ACT. Don’t let the champion go AWOL on you. You need a champion through the procurement and legal processes. Match advisories accordingly. Don’t negotiate with their “negotiator” – BRING IN SOMEONE ELSE AS WELL. That is key. Let your boss negotiate with procurement. You are inherently emotionally connected to the deal now. You are best served to bring in your own heavy-weight as well.

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