The Art of Selling – Stage 6: Proposal Sent

Press “send” ONCE, only when you are really READY

KNOW some key things BEFORE you send it. Do a competitive check-in – are there other proposals now/previously to consider so all needs/wants/likes are covered? Know what comes next?

Agree with your champion on next steps. Is the decision the next step? WHO is involved? Understand who controls legal and procurement? Who will work with you and what are they like? What will they try to accomplish and how will champion participate. And know, before you send, how long will processes take? Again, learn about a recent vendor experience and be sure you know who to contact if things stall?

All of these things are essential to know before you let your baby leave the nest. Because once you do, you lose your leverage and potentially control of the communication.

THINK & ACT. Always have management sign-off on your proposal before you send it. This is called KICKING THE TIRES. A second pair of eyes – especially a pair of eyes that is thinking about the company and not your commission is very valuable.       BEFORE you send – review proposal verbally with the client. No surprises. Describe the contents, the components and the pricing. Never send it without that discussion first. WHEN you send – conduct an immediate live review of document with the client. WHEN you send – establish schedule / timeline / dates for next steps. Be sure to get to the internal presentation and conversation as fast as possible. Do not lose control at this step! NOW is the time to SUGGEST PARALLEL PROCESSES – Procurement & legal Build and leverage alliances to help with procurement and legal as well.

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