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Age-Tech Services Platform

Home Health Care or “Age-at-home” is projected to reach $350B by 2025.

New and innovative technologies and tech-enabled services are emerging and expanding rapidly to meet the needs of Aging-At-Home customers.

Large vertical product and service providers are consolidating and creating comprehensive solutions. The chasm between the large companies aggregating solutions and the innovative start-ups meeting new consumer needs is significant. The middle-ground sweet-spot includes several mature, independent and post-venture companies that generate revenue and positive EBITDA.

An established Age Tech company ($10m+ EBITDA) that is focused on the SMB home health & care providers can serve as the foundation upon which a market-leading Age Tech vertical software and service can be erected. Management shall identify and lead the acquisition of an established age tech company; facilitate recognizable improvements in performance; and enhance demonstrated models for integrating complementary Age Tech products and services.

Market Insight

A handful of large healthcare providers are assembling smaller lower-middle-market home health care platforms that represent smaller pieces of the sponsor’s larger plan.

Focused and agile home health care platforms, servicing SMBs, can outmaneuver these larger enterprises


Staffing issues are the most severe headwind facing home health care agencies.

There are no true end-to-end home health care agency solutions, from talent acquisition to deployment and management.

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